Decentralized global tourist ecosystem

security high efficiency professional development

hierarchical ledger

logical isolation of business chain

efficient data storage

logical isolation of business chain

multiple signature

encryption algorithm/access authority

out of chain access

logical isolation of business chain

GTT 生态


Oct. Longzhiyou APP put online


Nov. Longzhiyou APP2.0 put online


Longzhiyou Corporation bagan to cooperate with Alibaba Group in June. Ever since, Longzhiyou Coporation has been supplying China national RV lease and RV travelling business to Taobao, Ali lease, Xianyu 2nd-hand articles transaction affiliated to Alibaba Group.

In August, Longzhiyou Corporation signed a contract to cooperate strategically with the committee specialized in camping of the automobile dealers association under All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

In September,the users of Longzhiyou App broke through 300,000.

In October,Longzhiyou Corporation began to develop fun-play App.


In January,U.S.Nasdaq-listed company “American Longwen Group”(stock code:LWLW) made the acquisition of Zhejiang Longzhiyou Tour Development Corporation, LTD.

In the 3rd quarter, the essential development of GTT begins.


In the 1st quarter, 2020, the Global tour eco circle will be built.

In the 4th quarter,2020, the main network of GTT will be tested.


In the 2nd quarter, 2021, the main network of GTT will be online.

In the 3rd quarter, 2021, the global super node network will start.


The first GTT or the RV diGTTal currency in the world is issued, which is based on and generates from big data.


Tour all over the world
and earn GTT easily.

Excellent Team

Our team is a team that pursues quality and strives for constant transcendence. At present, we have nearly 100 senior operators in the same industry around the world, as well as talents in blockchain technology and Internet contents, etc.
Over three years since the establishment, we have always adhered to the concept of user-oriented, focused on contents, made good products and provided users with supreme experience and services. At present, the number of our users in the field of motor home remains top 1. In the future, Quwan will build itself into Douyin in the tourism industry.

First-class big data analysis and
Senior tourism operation team

Senior content operation cast and
Product design team

Excellent community management and
User service team

Senior technical development team

longzhiyou strategic partners